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Pastor A. Yvonne O. Gilbreath is a Woman of God motivated by a passion for character and self-esteem by merging spirituality with everyday living. Her approach encourages people to pursue a life of integrity. Wherever she goes, Pastor Gilbreath exhorts and encourages her audiences to love the God inside them. Daughter of the late Rev. Edward Ogilvie and Bishop Charlene Ogilvie, this Woman of God had solid upbringing of Pentecostal and Sanctified/Holiness influences. In 1995, she accepted her gift of calling to go among them that labor and let them know who God is.  She was ordined in 1995 and is currently the pastor of New Zion Original Church of God in Columbia and the wife of Bro. Thomas H. Gilbreth.Being a powerful and anointed vocalist in her own right has allowed her to not only sing the gospel, but more importantly to preach the Word. She believes and teaches that regardless of a person's background or past mistakes, God has a place for them and can help them on their path to living life more abundantly.  

The Mt. Ararat Baptist church Praise Divas are a Dedicated Inspiring Versatile Awesome Saved group of women who have been giving God praise through dance for the past seven years. In the midst of their sometimes hectic daily lives of work, school, husbands & children; they still make the time to meet weekly for dance rehearsal. That's the "D" Dedicated to their careers, family and Church. They are a role model for the young dancers at Mt. Ararat, the Praise Dolls & the Praise Debs. That's the "I" - they Inspire others to be real and believe in what they do for God. These ladies also wear many hats. That's "V" - Versatile. They've learned how to conform and adjust to any situation. Whether it be work, school, family, or dance movements. Mt. Ararat is very proud of these women for their hard work. The "A" because they are Awesome yet humble. Knowing that God is the source of their strength. But the most important letter in the word Divas is the "S" because it stands for Saved. These women have been tried and tested and are still standing by the grace of God. The glory of God always shines through as they give Him praise through dance with such beautiful, spiritually guided movements. The Mt. Ararat Praise Divas!

 Featured Guests from South Pittsburg and surrounding areas. So don't miss this awesome Conference
May 25, 2013 @ Hemlock Community Room,South Pittsburg, TN

MAY 25 ,2013